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Welcome to EricasImages Art Couture and Accessories Shop. You can search for garments by 'collection', or individual 'print design', 'style', or colour, using the 'store search' bar adjacent. Presently the store is new, and therefore all prices are promotional. Any print design can be applied to any style of garment, so if you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to contact Erica at and she will custom design a new product for you. Presently, to promote the new shop, this fee is only £5 and if you wish, the garment will also be labelled as 'designed specially for eg. "Ellie"', making it even more special for you, or as a gift for a friend.

Collections: These are groups of print designs that follow a similar theme. For example the 'Metamorpha Collection' features multiple print designs of close up photographic images of butterfly wings, so detailed that individual scales on the delicate wings are visualised. The 'Olivegold Collection' on the other hand, features designs created using textured heavy-bodied paints in golds, greens and browns, to give a loose, impressionist, textured look. The 'Firewater Collection' is similar, but uses cobalt on crimson to create magnetic, uplifting, vividly coloured garments and accessories.

Print Designs: Within each collection, every print design comes from a specific piece of photography or painted artwork. The title of this artwork is used to name the 'Print Design'. For example, if you like the print design titled 'Gypsy Moth', you can enter this title in the 'store search' box adjacent and you will find all garments and accessories printed with this design.

Styles: This refers to the style of the garment or accessory, for example the 'Parisienne' Style dress is fitted, short in length and has long sleeves. Conversely the 'Roma' Style dress has no sleeves and is long. Thus if you favour a particular style of dress, you can search using the relevant term, 'Parisienne' for example in the 'store search' box and you will be presented with all dresses of that style.

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